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More individuals are tuning in to Podcast recordings than any other time currently. As the group of spectators for podcasts keeps on developing, there is no better time than the present to get your podcast up and running for your business, blog, or even your book. Starting a podcast can be a daunting process, but you don’t have to go it alone. Through Buzzsprout, you can start your podcast with ease and have all of your management software in one simple package. Follow these steps to start your podcast today. Please note links included in this entry may be affiliate links to programs that I have found helpful in my journey to starting my podcast from scratch.

Answer this question: Why are you starting a podcast?

If you are starting a podcast, you have a message to share. Whether your message is aimed at global activism on a specific issue, or as simple as selling your product, you have a mission to get that message out to the world by any means possible. Figure out what your reason is for starting a podcast, then integrate that into the name, format, and episode length, as well and what you will talk about. If you want to have guests on your podcast, being able to articulate the goals of your podcast will greatly increase your chance of gaining the interest of great guests who can generate new listeners.

· Figure out what you will talk about on your podcast.

· Pick a name for your podcast.

· Choose a format for your podcast.

· Decide how long your podcast episodes will be.

Write a script for your podcast.

Now that you have your name down, know what you will talk about, and have a format down pact it’s time to start writing. You can either choose to do an outline, or a verbatim script, depending on your level of comfort with talking about a subject. Keeping an outline on hand will greatly reduce the amount of rambling and off-topic talking that will need to be edited out later in the process.

Record your podcast.

Now that you have an outline or script for your podcast, its time to start recording. Choose a quiet space with good acoustics to record in. If no quiet space exists in your home, some podcasters even record from their car until they can soundproof an area of their home. With today’s technology, most phones have clear enough recording devices to make a professional-sounding recording until you are able to upgrade your equipment. Choosing the right equipment and software will make your podcast more professional, but don’t let one small step bar you from getting started today. There is always room for improvement in the future.

Edit your podcast episodes.

Listen to and edit your podcast episode. In this phase, you can insert your introduction, into music, and outro music. Any background noise can also be cleaned up during editing. If you find that you were speaking too fast during an episode, try slowing down the playback speed in the editing process.

Intro and Outro music

Clean up background noise

Change playback speed

Get your podcast episode uploaded to a podcast hosting site.

Using a hosting site will allow you to embed your episodes into your own website without reducing the speed of your website’s loading time by directly hosting the episodes. You will also gain access that backs up your information, and be able to share to social media from a trusted source if you choose a reliable podcast hosting site.

Why do I love Buzzsprout as a hosting site?

Buzzsprout has been an amazing resource while starting my podcast and has allowed me to grow and improve through each episode. They make it their priority to have a smooth transition into the world of podcasting and support every format imaginable.

What makes working with them even better, is right now if you use this Buzzsprout affiliate link you will get a $20 Amazon gift card when choosing a paid plan.

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